Some Promising Results From Denmark


Many private and public institutions have tried various initiatives to help curb the childhood obesity epidemic. But there has been some well publicized promising news coming out of Denmark after BBC News did a piece called, “Have The Danes Cracked Childhood Obesity?”

A pediatrician in Denmark named Jens Christian Holm has helped 70% of his patients achieve real results with his treatment that he named, The Children’s Obesity Clinic’s Treatment. He does this by helping the children make fundamental lifestyle changes.

In the United States this is a much bigger problem than in Denmark. In the past 30 years, childhood obesity has quadrupled by some estimates, putting it at over 30% of children that are obese.

The Children’s Obesity Clinic’s Treatment has successfully helped patients maintain a healthy weight and, more importantly, changed the lifestyle of nearly three-fourths of its patients. One key factor to this success is the investment of over five hours of time with a health professional.

Anti-obesity campaigns in the United States have had mixed results and even those that have been praised as successes haven’t made much of a dent in the statistics. Dr. Holm believes the fundamental flaw is that obesity needs to be seen as a chronic disease. Losing weight shouldn’t be the main focus because each patient’s body reacts differently to lifestyle changes.

The treatment looks at each patients’  medical history and a holistic and thorough picture of each patient’s habits including what and when they eat and  drink, when they sleep and what activities they take part in. They take this information and give simple and unique recommendations to each child’s family on the best way for them to help.

Dr Holm’s success can largely be attributed to his patient’s families buying in to the program. He tells families he needs their help to achieve results. This often involves them making lifestyle changes themselves.



from La Palestra Kids – Greg Peters


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